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Jam out with ukulele or guitar.
Learning to play a musical instrument can be challenging, but in the right environment and taught by a skilled and caring instructor, it can be FUN! Learning to play an instrument improves self-esteem.  It develops and refines coordination skills by requiring each hand to maneuver independently. It sharpens the mind by requiring the student to think, process and perform quickly. And, it has been proven to boost scholastic achievement! No previous experience is needed. Soprano Ukuleles are great starter instruments for little fingers. After learning the Uke, students can easily move to other string instruments such as guitars and violins. Instruments are not provided for this class. Students may bring their own, or rent/purchase one.

Schedule : Weekly - Fri 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM; 6 sessions; starting 3/9/2018, ending 4/27/2018 ; Class Skip Dates : (No class on 3/30/2018, 4/13/2018)

Tuition: $144.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Location : Foothill Elementary Location : 
  Foothill Elementary.

Room :  A02

Instructor : Kristen Demaree 

Call 720-561-5968 to register

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Violin lessons designed for young people! Weekly lessons led by a talented teacher are a fun and accessible way to familiarize your child with music! From how to handle the instrument and bow, to gradually mastering proper finger placement and developing sense of pitch–your little one will be on the road to a deeper appreciation for music. The $75 instrument fee is for a wonderful beginner violin, good quality case, bow, rosin, shoulder pad, tuner and of course the student can keep their instrument and continue playing on it once the course is completed! If you already own a violin, this fee is waived.

Schedule : Weekly - Mon 3:05 PM - 4:35 PM; 6 sessions; starting 3/12/2018, ending 4/30/2018 ; Class Skip Dates : (No class on 3/26/2018, 4/16/2018)

Tuition: $144.00

Materials Cost: $75.00

Location : Bear Creek Elementary Location : 
  Bear Creek Elementary.

Room :  Room 125B

Instructor : Elin Palmer Laux 

Please read: The $75 instrument fee is for a wonderful ...More

Call 720-561-5968 to register

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